What Happens When Art Of Food and Design Collide?


Our design team is blessed with the opportunities to collaborate with new and innovative entrepreneurs and businesses. The partnership we have formed with Zack Flanagan and Sean Lara of Board and You Custom Charcuterie is one we are exceptionally proud of. They are THE local charcuterie artists and share our love of spreading beauty in the community.

Board and You, proudly located in the heart of historic downtown New Albany, is a one year old custom charcuterie company. Since opening, they’ve been the talk-of-the-town and their immediate success has allowed them to expand their business. We were thrilled to have been the chosen interior design firm to bring Zack and Sean’s vision to life for the Bistro & You Bistro & Wine Bar! It was apparent from the beginning of our relationship that the two worlds of art of food and design were blending together effortlessly. Check out our design boards for the new Bistro…

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 11.31.55 AM

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 11.32.15 AM


A custom crafted Board & You board elevates your gathering experience, much like interior design. The variety of quality meats, cheeses, fruits and garnishes elegantly curated across a board or gathering table, invites folks around the table to graze, drink and be social. It’s similar in the way a carefully designed room promotes rest, relaxation or any level of energy the space is being used for.

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 10.44.55 AM

Boards may be customized to fit the needs of your occasion and size. Seasonal boards and grazing tables are available, each beautifully displayed and packaged raising your taste bud’s awareness! The service is impeccable and delivered with a huge smile.

The connection between food and art has a long tradition. Color, texture, shape and pattern are all elements of both art and food that create a visual appetite for all our senses. Layering these pieces together in food or design produces an artistic display of food or finishes.

We loved the opportunity to combine our efforts of design with the talents of Sean and Zack. Working with them was fun, creative, and rewarding. It was a such pleasure to be a part of making their dream come true!

How to Live in a Dog or Cat House

We may be social distancing from our peeps, but not our pets. So how do we live happily in a Dog (or cat) House…?!

Doggo on Couch

From felines to fido’s, many of us have found that our homes have turned into palaces for our four-legged family members. Sharing a space with fur balls, feed bowls, play toys, litter boxes and pet beds can be quite a challenge. While we all love our furry roommates – keeping our homes in tip top shape may prove difficult at times. We all want our homes to look its best and perform even better.

We’d love to share some of our tricks and favorite pet related must haves to coexist with our little beasts. Here are a few kibbles & bits of advice from a design team who can speak from experience. Each one of us have our very our hairballs at home.

How do we choose the right fabric for seating?

pets and kid on sofa

Whether or not we permit our pets on the furniture, their fur has a mind of its own. When selecting the best fabric for sofas and chairs, look for crypton or performance fabrics. These fabrics will be soil and stain resistant, moisture resistant, bacteria resistant, durable and easy to clean. The good news is residential upholstery manufacturers have introduced these fabrics into their selections with children and pets in mind. These woven fabrics are offered in a wide variety of colors and textures.

Fabric Sample


Vinyl offers a wide variety of smooth sleek colors and textures as well as faux leather options and animal skin patterns. They are affordable, easy to clean & maintain and are perfect for benches & seat covers.



Leather comes with a few things to take into consideration. We recommend doing your homework before making the final decision if leather is right for you. Leather is a very durable cover and is inherently a thicker material. However, consider your look and what you’re able to tolerate when it comes to the distressed look. Full Aniline leathers are more prone to scratch and show moisture and claw markings. Semi Aniline is a leather with a protective finish and are tough, but beware of large breed dogs – scratches will be more permanent. We will always advise our clients to consider all benefits and risks before making the final decision of using leather.


Microsuede is soft to touch, wear resistant, easy to care for and inexpensive. The surface has the feel and touch of suede without the maintenance.

Choosing the Perfect Rug!

Choosing an area rug can be challenging enough and finding one to stand up to the demands of our pets can be overwhelming. Here are our recommendations to finding the right one for you.

pet friendly rugs


Save the jute rugs for for another day… jute rugs soil easily, are difficult to clean, absorb moisture and may pull with toenails. Although we love a great jute rug, they are not the best choice if you have pets.

Polypropylene or Nylon

Polypropylene or nylon rugs are budget friendly and available in a huge assortment of patterns, styles and sizes. They are easily cleaned and vacuum well. Once it’s worn out, you can replace it easily without the guilt. They come in very handy when training a new puppy or caring for an aging companion when you still want style and your pooch!


Wool rugs will wear well and stand the test of time. If you do not mind investing more on the front end, wool rugs will clean well, show less wear in years to come and be an investment. We always consider all the facts before making the final decision of a wool rug.

surya rugs


Love them, just not for pets. Shag rugs are hair collectors and impossible to clean. Plus you can only imagine what is hiding inside all those fibers!

Hidden Treasure.

Hide rugs! We love them – durable and stylish all in one. They’re available in a variety of colors, shapes and patterns. Hide rugs are easy to clean – simply vacuum or shake! They are moisture resistant and you can use mild cleansers on them as needed.

Cowhide Office

DIY Pet Odor Remover

Our favorite DIY pet odor remover
  • 300ml hydrogen peroxide
  • 4 tablespoons baking soda
  • 3 drops of dish detergent
  • Several drops of your favorite essential oil, eucalyptus, lavender, etc
  • Put it in a cute spray bottle and BOOM, you are in business!
  • Pour hydrogen peroxide in bowl
  • Add baking soda and dish detergent
  • Stir mixture
  • Add oils
  • Pour slowly into spray bottle, baking soda may foam.

Best Investment for Pet Lovers!

Cordless, rechargeable lightweight vacuums – Dyson, Hoover, Shark! You cannot go wrong. They’re fast, easy and convenient. Perfect for hardwood, tile, laminate or carpet.

Perfect Carpet Pad

Stainmaster Pet Protect reduces pet odors and is designed for pets and people. This product provides a breathable moisture barrier that helps prevent spills and accidents from penetrating through the padding to the subfloor.

Stainmaster Pet Protect

Check out all of these adorable pet accessories we love!

First up – Who can resist these sweet bowls for your favorite little ones from Muttropolis.




How about these perfect paper towel holders with style from Kalalou.  Available at The Shop at LL&A – Kalalou Cast Iron cat paper towel holder – $52.00

Kalalou Cat Towel Holder

We cannot get enough of these cute mini dog and cat canvas prints from GreenBox Art, available in an assortment of dog and cat breeds! Perfect to hang on the wall or sit on a bookshelf! The GreenBox mini dog/cat prints start at $32.00 each. Let LL&A order yours today! Call us for details.

Grab a dog or cat treat from one of these sweet colorful jars from Imax Corp! Both are available at The Shop at LL&A – Handpainted Dog treat Canister is $36.00 and the Orange Cat Treat Canister is $29.00!

cat treat canisters

These poodle bookends were a fun addition to any bookshelf. Available at The Shop at LL&A for $67.00.

poodle bookends

These dog beds are the cats meow… We love these from Wayfair and Uttermost.



Available at The Shop at LL&A – the Uttermost Lucky Pet Bed – $490.00

pet bed

Working from home and social distancing is easier with your furry friends by your side. We hope these are helpful tips to use within your special space. Please share your favorite helpful advice for living with your little furry friends with us!

Roxie, this ones for you baby girl!
Roxy Dog


Whose Got The Fever…We Got The Fever.

Spring Fever that is…

As we all are nesting within our homes with our families, finding things to keep us occupied beyond work requirements, kids, cleaning and organizing – all may be exhausting. After the “work” is done and school work is completed, why not put some energy into your safe haven and make it the best it can be?

We love to “cough” up great ideas, suggestions, favorite finds and where to get it, quick, easy and to your doorstep!

During these days of working from home and finding ways to relax and stay calm, read our tips to guide you through the days to come that will simply take your “breath” away.

Creating a beautiful home office


A home office is all about the desk, giving yourself a comfortable place to spread out and sit is where it’s at! This timeless wood desk and chair from Universal compliments the soft robins egg blue on the paneled walls making for a relaxing, but exclusive combination. We love pairing a bold accent area rug over hardwood floors. Rugs add personality, zest, a foundation and comfort all rolled into one. We cannot forget our guests, our little visitors that may drop in for a meeting to discuss a math problem they are having difficulties with while out of school. These whimsical hooded chairs were the perfect touch for this office, and the accessories add the finishing touch to personalize your space to make it all your own.

Tips for your very own…

Office Space:

We love this transitional Bodrum rug from Surya. It’s bold crisp color palette can be finished and styled to suit any taste.

This saddle color leather chair from West Elm can be a perfect addition to any home office. Imagine the convenience of having it shipped directly to your doorstep.


We love the details of this home office. Here are the design details featuring a few of our favorite vendors:

LL&A Blog OFFICE 3-20
Drapes: Cloud 9 Linen Stationary Panels, Fur stools: Uttermost, Desk, desk chair and chest: Gabby, Zebra hide: BS Trading Company

Bedroom Bliss

Now is the time to refresh and renew our bedrooms! Start with fresh linens as an easy and inexpensive way to calm the senses. Nothing feels better than fresh bedding and pillows.

It’s all about piling on the layers for that “sink into feel” and we adore the options this ensemble provides with so many pieces to change things up year round. A charcoal quilt, layered with a cotton blend coverlet, accented with ivory pom poms and topped with a fluffy linen duvet is a great combination. The pillows are simply divine, soft and luxurious, down filled with a tapestry lumbar pillow for an extra dose of zing.

LL&A Blog BEDROOM 3-20
Bedding pompom coverlet and shams: Amity Home, Duvet and Shams: Villa Home, Lumbar Pillow: Cloud 9, Drapery Panels: Cloud 9 Zebra Stools: GoHome


Don’t forget the sheets, we love Targets Fieldcrest 700 count Supima sheet sets, soft, deep set and affordable.

Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 12.48.30 PM


Nothing feels better at the end of the day than returning to a soft, neat, tidy comfortable bed!

Remember these six reasons to make your bed every day:

  • Feeling of accomplishment
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Develops good habits
  • Cleaner appearance
  • Creating a retreat

Add a fresh coat of paint and TaDa you are done! Clean and fresh – what more can you want!? Grab a brush and a paint can and get it done, or better yet, hire a painter and keep America working!

Relaxation Station

Favorite tip to get through the next several weeks, create a “relaxation station”. Maybe it is in the corner of a room or in an extra space that has no purpose.

Home Interior Bathroom

Order a yoga mat, try this Premium Cork Yoga Mat from Vivre Active Wear. Being a naturally hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial material, cork serves as a great complement to your yoga practice.

Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 10.14.02 AM

Fire up a stick of incense scented to your senses, try Target’s Incense Burner Set available in three scents.

Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 11.28.10 AM

Sooth the senses by dabbing on a few essential oils. Try lavender to relieve stress, sandlewood to calm nerves or peppermint to boost your energy! Add in your favorite music, book or puzzle and let the good times roll or just relax and meditate. Namaste…

If you are you still confused and uncertain how to make your space all you want it to be? Where to start, where to look, what to buy? No worries, we have a solution!

Online Design

Online design is just for you. Let one of our professional designers design the room of your dreams, sent directly to your home for you to install.

Online Design graphic

Space Plan

LL&A Virtual Rendering
Real Image 1


It starts with a phone evaluation, then digital concept boards, client approval, a shopping list and ends with the items ordered by you and delivered to your doorstep. Custom design made simple, just for you, to your door.

It’s as simple as 1.2.3!

Simply email sarah@leslielewisdesign.com for further details.

Please Practice Self-care

Lets all use this time to make a better version of ourselves, create healthy minds and bodies and include each of our family members in our practices. Read, educate, exercise, eat well, play, stretch, meditate, be grateful, be kind, patient, rest and pray.


PS – Stay tuned for our October Blog when we share our favorite nursery tips and ideas!


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Design Challenge: Designing for A Designer!

Designers have needs too! The time has come for two of our designers to practice the art of design and renovation within their own homes!

Wow, talk about hiring a professional, where’s a good designer when you need one?! The month of January produced opportunities for Sarah and Tammy to rise to the occasion and work for ourselves! (Our poor husbands.)

You know the old saying, the cobblers children are the last to have shoes? Well, a designer’s home (at least ours) is the last to get painted, last to get new flooring, last to get artwork, furniture, accessories, wallpaper, cabinets and oh, window coverings….everything!

design materials

While we eat, sleep and breathe design for our fabulous clients, we can get choked up and deprived of time when it comes to our very own homes. Paint color selection is not easy, even for the professionals.

color samples

Finding the perfect shades of complimentary whites and earth tones has been Sarah’s challenge! Why is it that PPG, Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore cannot make the perfect shade of white Sarah needs?! There are only 3,000 shades of white to choose from – LOL!  It only took Tammy five weeks to select her paint colors (there were only two) and she is still trying to discover what her “look” is. It’s funny how our ADD kicks in gear with the limitless exposure to our design imaginations that we can indulge in.

selecting colors

Project management comes naturally to us as a designer, yet preparing our homes for wall removal, drywall work, sanding and staining hardwood flooring, electrical contracting and new cabinetry has certainly afforded us the opportunity to practice what we preach to our own clients!

Living out of boxes, eating out, purging closets and inhaling dust gives us an appreciation for all we ask of our clients. We’ve found ourselves asking the exact same questions we do of our clients; what is our budget, priority, schedules and where is the best place to spend and save money – you name it, we have experienced it.

Images LL&A Blog 1-20

In the end, we see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have stayed positive, focused, on schedule and on budget. (With only a few surprises, which is always expected.)

Images 2 LL&A Blog 1-20

Thankfully, we know a great team of designers who have guided us through the process, plus our terrific contractors who we cannot do without.

Cheers to supportive husbands who stay out of our way and let us do what we do best. All while moving furniture, packing and unpacking boxes, trips to Goodwill, getting carry-out and writing checks!

We cannot wait to see the end result. Our projects are still a work in progress, but grateful we have our terrific design team to coach us through the process.

Cheers to hiring a professional!!





Our Year In The End

So here we are… 2019 has come to a close and 2020 is here.

LLA New Year 2020

2019 marks many experiences, changes and accomplishments for our team’s personal and professional lives. Together we finished the year feeling confident, satisfied, accomplished, grateful and blessed. Yes, we work hard to serve our clients and nurture our business, but we also feed and water our personal lives and relationships. Keeping our tanks full is essential for each of us. We all work hard to maintain work and home balance. As challenging as it may be, we are all determined to keep all balls in the air!

2019 had plenty of scene stealing headlines but we cannot let them over shadow our own contributions to story telling!
Granted, history was made when President Trump became our nations 3rd president to be impeached, yes, this is a big deal. We get it… and yes, the college admissions scandal was a pretty big deal, but we made our own newsworthy articles ourselves!

LL&A Headlines, Read All About It!

read all about it

A year of planning…

Did you think Justin and Hailey were the only couple to tie the knot this year? Well, our very own Sarah and Matt put a ring on it and strolled down the aisle in October too!

A year of anticipation…

Duchess Megan and Prince Harry are not the only ones to have had a baby boy, Lauren and Cody are expecting their very own bundle of joy in May of 2020.

A year of change…

Leslie’s “25 year old bundle of joy” son, Murphy landed his dream job in South Florida which has made for several fun trips to the Sunshine State getting him settled in with many more trips to come!

A year for learning something new…

Playing nurse was never a game Tammy was particularly good at as a little girl, but this year proved to be her year to learn. Luckily, she picked it up quickly and helped nurse two parents back to health.

A year of balance…

Dawn continues to balance her life here in Southern Indiana with her world in Fort Wayne where her two daughters, two son-in-laws and six grandchildren live.

A year of growth…

This was a year of growth for Whitley. Julia Roberts certainly has nothing on our adventurous girl. On a solo trip to Cabo to celebrate her 30 years of life, she ate and prayed the whole week long! Cheers to spiritual growth!

Together we each closed the year having planned, anticipated, changed, learned and balanced many aspects of our lives. Some things turned out as planned – others maybe not. Some changes we welcomed – others more unexpected. Lessons we learned were blessings and changes will always be just as the seasons change.

2019 Group Photo in Shop

Faith and love is the key to the LL&A team… time to unlock the door to 2020!!

Your friends at LL&A Interior Design

#indianagirls  #liveloveappreciate

Let the Holidays Begin.

holiday family baking

Wow, can you believe the Holiday Season for 2019 is among us?

The hustle is on and the bustle is bustlin’!

Question:  How do we get through another season of festivities, shopping, feasting, sipping, gift wrapping, decorating, cleaning, spending and memory-making all in one piece?

Answer:  We have absolutely no idea!

We all love to entertain and be entertained, give and receive gifts and cook and feast. Making it all happen and appear to be effortless, on time and stress-free is the challenge. Where do we cut corners with time and money without making it appear that we obviously cut corners with time or money!?

We aren’t Pinterest Maidens but, we do appreciate all of the terrific ideas that can be found on this terrific platform. The problem is – how do you decide what to choose with so many options? It can be so overwhelming…

Do we need to feel guilty if we order our roasted turkey from the market and do not roast in our own kitchens? Is time saved in the kitchen more valuable than a homemade feast?

woman gift wrapping tired.jpg

Which do you prefer, this or that…

  • Homemade pies vs bakery goodies
  • Instant vs real potatoes
  • Bag of bows vs hand tied ribbon
  • Gift bags vs wrapped boxes
  • Silver & glass vs paper & plastic
  • Gifts vs experiences
  • Cash vs gift cards
  • Clear lights vs multi-color

Help a friend out here people! We would love to hear from you. 

What ideas can you share for making new Holiday traditions?

What family traditions do you still carry on from your childhood?

What tips do you have as a host for your Holiday festivities?

What gift giving ideas can you offer for that hard-to-buy-for person who has it all?

holding gifts

You see, we need to help one another through this blissful time of year and make beautiful memories together.

We would love to read your favorite recipes, gift giving ideas, time savers, family traditions, and anything else you would like to share with us.


holiday dinner image

Simply add your comments here, tag us on social media or message us to share.

Help us help you, from Christmas lists to Christmas miracles, Frosty to fruitcakes, and elves to eggnog, where do we start and how do we keep it fun & peaceful.

Now, lets rock around the Christmas tree with Frosty the Snowman, playing our silver bells while we watch mommy kiss Santa Claus!

old school hostess holidays

Your friends at LL&A Interior Design.

#indianagirls  #liveloveappreciate

Our Industry Influencers & Design Crushes

Each of us at LL&A have others for whom we look up to and admire for various reasons. Whether it be a favorite musician, artist, author, entrepreneur, we all find our connections and admirations through a variety of outlets.

Carole King, once brilliantly wrote,
“I write heavily under the influence of James Taylor”.

We too have been inspired throughout our careers by an assortment of individuals who have helped shape our paths in the design industry. Both past and present, these talented trailblazers sculpted their passion for design that is as relevant today as it was in years gone by.

We invite you to share in their stories to understand how their contribution to design has chartered our philosophies, aesthetics and business awareness.

Past and present – you will certainly begin to connect the variety of influencers to each of us as individuals.


Jean-Michel Frank – Decorator & Designer. Whitley’s Design Influencer.


Artists take inspiration from the world around them, and it’s hard to imagine a richer environment than Paris in the 1930s, when Jean-Michel Frank was the most celebrated decorator and designer of the era. Frank has always been an interior designer that Whitley’s admired most.

His aesthetic has been described as “modern and minimalistic” featuring subdued, neutral textures and clean lines. An advocate for combining different styles, Frank brought together both old and new to create spaces full of texture and character. He also enjoyed incorporating other artists’ works or designs into his rooms. Whitley’s always loved his use of unexpected materials together such as leather, wicker, and forged iron – allowing for a space that’s both chic and masculine.

Frank’s rooms were often “devoid of the unnecessary”, which is also reflective of Whitley’s own personal taste in design. Accessories were always kept to a minimum, allowing the furniture and overall design to speak for itself. Frank might be most well-known for his creation of the Parsons Table, which to this day remains one of the most classic furniture pieces in modern design.

Jean Stoffer – Interior Designer & Sarah’s Design Crush.


Sarah started following Jean Stoffer on Instagram a year ago and fell in love with her aesthetic. Whenever scrolling through her feed, Sarah will see one of Stoffer’s kitchens or baths and instantly recognizes her style.

Stoffer effortlessly combines a traditional look with a modern edge and each of her spaces are cozy and inviting. Drawn to the simplicity of Stoffer’s work, Sarah finds inspiration in her design elements. Design with a clean line, earth tones, and greenery is Sarah’s signature look and she swoons over Stoffer’s use of woods, metals, and the details she puts into the architectural elements in each space. She is a must follow!


Dorothy Draper – Interior Designer & Icon. Lauren’s Design & Business Inspiration.


There are a lot of interior designers that have preceded us all that are a big influence on Lauren’s design thought process and the specific branches of the design field, but none more important than Mrs. Dorothy Draper. She was one of the original interior designers and #girlboss icons.

Not only one of the first to professionalize the field of interior design, but also one of the first women in the early 1920’s to start her own company. Breaking boundaries, Draper loved bringing her touch of unusual contrasting, vibrant color combinations and her own personal “modern baroque” style. She created interesting public spaces including hotels, casinos, theaters, department stores, private corporate offices and jet interiors that everyone could enjoy. The Joanna Gaines of her time, being a #girlboss and top interior designer in not only New York, but also across the USA, Draper broadened her entrepreneurial resume by creating her own furniture line for Schumacher and had her own column in Good Housekeeping Magazine. Not your typical housewife, Dorothy Draper is an inspiration and taught Lauren that women in the interior design business can be innovative, creative, and think outside the box.


Frank Lloyd Wright – American Architect, Interior Designer, Educator & Curator. An icon of Tammy’s.

A rebel pioneer of the architectural world, Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic career stemmed almost 70 years. He remained passionate for his craft much like Tammy has for over 30 years. His dedication and talent was always ever changing and adapting. Wright was a forerunner in his field that, in Tammy’s opinion, changed the way people live within their own homes. Incorporating “family rooms” within his plans and utilizing modern technology and materials of the period.

Tammy’s favorite residential structure design by Wright is the famous Fallingwater in Pennsylvania. She loves the way the structure fits effortlessly into its environment. Seemingly undisturbing to the surroundings showcasing nature and nest at its best for human inhabitants.

Favorite Wright quote: “Form follows Function”.
That has been misunderstood, form and function should be one,
joined in a spiritual union.

Recognized as being in part, one of the creators of the Prairie Style derived from the Arts and Crafts movement. This style is most seen throughout the midwestern states – all influenced by natural materials. Tammy has always been inspired by nature and the environment in her own design work and believes the window can be the most essential part of any room. More importantly, it’s what is outside the window that counts and how the surroundings are integrated within the home.

Ralph Lauren – American Fashion Designer, Philanthropist, Business Executive. Leslie’s Timeless Favorite.


In 1983, in the days before major fashion houses had furnishing lines, designer Ralph Lauren launched his first home collection. It expanded his vision of a thoughtful stylish life where he applied his style to how he would want to live. Whether it be upscale penthouse, english, western, coastal – it was always all American.

Each interior has its own distinct style, its own vision of the good life and each tells a different, but complementary story. When asked what links an interior all together, he says, “It’s in the eye, the taste, and the spirit of the dream.”

Leslie began her career in 1985, just as Ralph Lauren was making his way into interiors. He has been someone that Leslie has admired, respected and can always identify with and has grown with as well!

A true representation of the American dream – tasteful and timeless style!


What is it to influence: A person who inspires or guides the actions of others.

Your friends at LL&A Interior Design



A Girls Best Friend…

Diamonds QuoteAfter a day on the job attending to the needs of our daily responsibilities, it’s nice to come home to someone who is anxiously waiting for us. (With tails wagging.)

Meet the “Fur Friends” that make our hearts sing, our constant companions and the ones who love us unconditionally.

Each of these precious pups came into our lives in various ways and have all become the sweetest members of our families. We are excited to share each of them with you and hope you enjoy meeting them. We’d love you to share your furry friends with us too! Tag us on Facebook and Instagram and we’ll share.

Our resident office pooch is Cricket!

Dawns Pup

She is a five year old Shitzu-Maltese mix that loves coming to the office to spend the day. Always on hand to greet each of us as we arrive, she is a sweet addition to our team. Dawn and Cricket enjoy long walks together at Deam Lake near their home. Their favorite time of the day is in the morning, starting with a few moments of quiet time. As Dawn reads, Cricket is cuddled up in her lap being the most precious supportive companion a girl could hope for.


WWDW… aka…

“Whitley’s Weiner Dog Winston”

Whitleys Pup

Actually, there are many aliases Whitley has given him. Crazy Boy, Little Boo and Stinky – to name a few!  Their love affair began on Whitleys second day on the job at LL&A. After appearing on the door step of Tammy’s son Luke’s apartment, he was in need of a home and she was in need of a little 6 lb crazy chunk of love to take care of. It was apparent the two of them were meant to be from that day forward. Two years later, Winston has been Whitleys best friend, confidant and favorite headache all in one.


Who doesn’t love a surprise?!

Laurens Pup

Meet Bella, Lauren’s two year old Italian Mastiff. Bella is a wish come true for sure. Lauren’s husband, Cody surprised her with an early Christmas gift that was completely unexpected. From the moment they met, they were in love!! With her little wrinkled face, she was the biggest puppy Lauren had ever seen. Definitely a daddy’s girl, Bella is happiest romping around the yard, playing in her own pool and sleeping in Mom and Dad’s bed. (when Dad has a weak moment!) Bella has been the sweetest, most loving addition to the Eurton family and the best Christmas surprise ever!


Double Trouble!!

Sarahs Pup

Meet Louis (aka King Louis, head of household) and Lincoln, Sarahs two four-legged “Friendzies”. Louis is a Pomeranian that joined the family seven years ago and Lincoln a German Shepard came along three years ago as a puppy. Although their personalities are quite different, they offer so much entertainment within the household. Louis loves his belly rubs and long walks around St Matthews. Lincoln loves chasing Louis around the house, car rides and sneaking food off dinner plates! Like most Shepards, he is the most intelligent, loyal and protective dog she and her fiancé Matt have ever owned. Her pups offer the magic “pickup” after a day at work and more love and laughs than anyone could ask for.


Best things in life are free…

Tammys Pup

Roxie and Mia Randall certainly appeared at the right place at the right time on their journeys to finding a home. Roxie was hand picked as a puppy from a cardboard box while Mia showed up on the doorstep as a puppy on Thanksgiving Day. These two black lab mix girls live the best of both worlds. From digging holes in the yard and playing chasers outside by day, to sleeping and chilling inside on sofas and beds by night, these soul sisters are living their best life. Unrelated by bloodlines, they are both hormonal, territorial, energetic, wild, affectionate and rambunctious – all bottled up into two furry hairballs.


Cowgirl Up!!

Leslies Pup

After 15 years together, Leslie and Cowgirl are one another’s dearest soulmates. Born the runt of the litter, with one blue eye and one brown, Cowgirl was Leslie’s top choice. Many miles have been covered together between the two of these girlfriends. In fact, after all their time spent together, most would agree, if Cowgirl were human, she would likely be just like Leslie. Like they always say, dogs and owners begin to look alike…big hair, don’t care! Alongside Cowgirl, is 12 year old Auntie Kendall who belongs to Leslie’s mother and step father, Patty and Don McManus. Both are sweet cuddly Shelties, loyal companions to Leslie, Patty and Don and one another’s best friend.

We would love to meet your furry friends!! Take a photo of you and yours and tag us on Facebook and Instagram! Cats count too!

Best Dog Quote

Your friends at LL&A Interior Design.

#doglovers #heartandsoul

#indianagirls #liveloveappreciate

Online Design

Online Design graphicThe landscape of Interior Design is always on the move. With its many nuances, our industry offers a variety of platforms to achieve the needs of any consumer.

LL&A is proud to announce our Online Design Assistance.

We allow you the leverage to seek premium interior design services by one of our professional designers without ever leaving your home. Our program has been built to serve the needs of the most discriminating consumer in a proficient and economical manner. Equipped with talented designers and technology, we conveniently create spaces designed specifically for you, on budget and on time. The products chosen will be sourced from the world wide web and ready for you to order at your leisure in the privacy of your own home.

Our process is simple.

interior design virtual design services

  • Complete a brief online questionnaire so we can get to know you.
  • Send us digital photos of your space along with the dimensions and any pieces you own and wish to incorporate into your room.
  • Select a style genre that speaks to you from the library of photos we will share with you.
  • LL&A will send you a digital box complete with a visual concept, space plate and 3D image of what you can expect your room to look like.

Space Plan

Space plate for furniture placement.

LL&A Virtual Rendering

LL&A Virtual Rendering

LL&A Virtual Rendering

LL&A Virtual Rendering
  • Once approved, expect a specification sheet complete with details of paints, floor coverings, wall treatments, artwork, lamps, accessories and all items needed to complete the installation along with instructions.
  • Receive your Shopping List and order your products to complete your room styling.

Real Image 2

Final Product

Real Image 1

Final Product

The process is quick, easy, online, and budget friendly.

Email our office for further details at sarah@leslielewisdesign.com

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Staging is the Secret to Selling.

Staging with LL&A

Staging has been deemed essential by today’s real estate agents, with a proven ability to increase market value and sell properties fast. If you want the upper hand over competition, retaining LL&A will tip the scales to sold. Staging is a lucrative investment, and LL&A does it best! Here is what you should know before putting your property on the market.


• The first impression judgement is made within one second of entry.

• The sooner a property sells, the closer to asking price will be received.

• Statistically, properties staged when listed spend on average 90% less time on the market than unstaged.


85% of buyers look online before seeing a property in person. A picture is worth a thousand words, staging and professional photography will get buyers in the door. Staging will also create a well maintained and move in ready appeal.

Certified Professional Staging for Commercial and Residential Real Estate Properties.

Let LL&A create that love at first sight emotion by establishing memory points of interest and emphasizing the properties functionality.


We understand what buyers want and will showcase a property’s best assets by highlighting the positives and down playing the negatives.


We will create a high end feeling regardless of the price point. Our goal is to stage a property to be the “top pick” of other homes and commercial properties within the same price point.



Considering the financial and emotional aspects of buying, LL&A’s staging strategically appeals to a wide demographic. Stunning furnishings and accessories turn rooms into visual stories, sparking the imaginations of buyers who often feel uninspired by vacant properties. Styled yet relatable, your house will captivate attention and leave an unforgettable impression. LL&A’s Certified Commercial & Residential Real Estate Staging team will create a feast for the eyes so your prospects will be ready to bite!

Call our office today for details on how to get your property staged 812.282.6606.

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