How to Live in a Dog or Cat House

We may be social distancing from our peeps, but not our pets. So how do we live happily in a Dog (or cat) House…?!

Doggo on Couch

From felines to fido’s, many of us have found that our homes have turned into palaces for our four-legged family members. Sharing a space with fur balls, feed bowls, play toys, litter boxes and pet beds can be quite a challenge. While we all love our furry roommates – keeping our homes in tip top shape may prove difficult at times. We all want our homes to look its best and perform even better.

We’d love to share some of our tricks and favorite pet related must haves to coexist with our little beasts. Here are a few kibbles & bits of advice from a design team who can speak from experience. Each one of us have our very our hairballs at home.

How do we choose the right fabric for seating?

pets and kid on sofa

Whether or not we permit our pets on the furniture, their fur has a mind of its own. When selecting the best fabric for sofas and chairs, look for crypton or performance fabrics. These fabrics will be soil and stain resistant, moisture resistant, bacteria resistant, durable and easy to clean. The good news is residential upholstery manufacturers have introduced these fabrics into their selections with children and pets in mind. These woven fabrics are offered in a wide variety of colors and textures.

Fabric Sample


Vinyl offers a wide variety of smooth sleek colors and textures as well as faux leather options and animal skin patterns. They are affordable, easy to clean & maintain and are perfect for benches & seat covers.



Leather comes with a few things to take into consideration. We recommend doing your homework before making the final decision if leather is right for you. Leather is a very durable cover and is inherently a thicker material. However, consider your look and what you’re able to tolerate when it comes to the distressed look. Full Aniline leathers are more prone to scratch and show moisture and claw markings. Semi Aniline is a leather with a protective finish and are tough, but beware of large breed dogs – scratches will be more permanent. We will always advise our clients to consider all benefits and risks before making the final decision of using leather.


Microsuede is soft to touch, wear resistant, easy to care for and inexpensive. The surface has the feel and touch of suede without the maintenance.

Choosing the Perfect Rug!

Choosing an area rug can be challenging enough and finding one to stand up to the demands of our pets can be overwhelming. Here are our recommendations to finding the right one for you.

pet friendly rugs


Save the jute rugs for for another day… jute rugs soil easily, are difficult to clean, absorb moisture and may pull with toenails. Although we love a great jute rug, they are not the best choice if you have pets.

Polypropylene or Nylon

Polypropylene or nylon rugs are budget friendly and available in a huge assortment of patterns, styles and sizes. They are easily cleaned and vacuum well. Once it’s worn out, you can replace it easily without the guilt. They come in very handy when training a new puppy or caring for an aging companion when you still want style and your pooch!


Wool rugs will wear well and stand the test of time. If you do not mind investing more on the front end, wool rugs will clean well, show less wear in years to come and be an investment. We always consider all the facts before making the final decision of a wool rug.

surya rugs


Love them, just not for pets. Shag rugs are hair collectors and impossible to clean. Plus you can only imagine what is hiding inside all those fibers!

Hidden Treasure.

Hide rugs! We love them – durable and stylish all in one. They’re available in a variety of colors, shapes and patterns. Hide rugs are easy to clean – simply vacuum or shake! They are moisture resistant and you can use mild cleansers on them as needed.

Cowhide Office

DIY Pet Odor Remover

Our favorite DIY pet odor remover
  • 300ml hydrogen peroxide
  • 4 tablespoons baking soda
  • 3 drops of dish detergent
  • Several drops of your favorite essential oil, eucalyptus, lavender, etc
  • Put it in a cute spray bottle and BOOM, you are in business!
  • Pour hydrogen peroxide in bowl
  • Add baking soda and dish detergent
  • Stir mixture
  • Add oils
  • Pour slowly into spray bottle, baking soda may foam.

Best Investment for Pet Lovers!

Cordless, rechargeable lightweight vacuums – Dyson, Hoover, Shark! You cannot go wrong. They’re fast, easy and convenient. Perfect for hardwood, tile, laminate or carpet.

Perfect Carpet Pad

Stainmaster Pet Protect reduces pet odors and is designed for pets and people. This product provides a breathable moisture barrier that helps prevent spills and accidents from penetrating through the padding to the subfloor.

Stainmaster Pet Protect

Check out all of these adorable pet accessories we love!

First up – Who can resist these sweet bowls for your favorite little ones from Muttropolis.




How about these perfect paper towel holders with style from Kalalou.  Available at The Shop at LL&A – Kalalou Cast Iron cat paper towel holder – $52.00

Kalalou Cat Towel Holder

We cannot get enough of these cute mini dog and cat canvas prints from GreenBox Art, available in an assortment of dog and cat breeds! Perfect to hang on the wall or sit on a bookshelf! The GreenBox mini dog/cat prints start at $32.00 each. Let LL&A order yours today! Call us for details.

Grab a dog or cat treat from one of these sweet colorful jars from Imax Corp! Both are available at The Shop at LL&A – Handpainted Dog treat Canister is $36.00 and the Orange Cat Treat Canister is $29.00!

cat treat canisters

These poodle bookends were a fun addition to any bookshelf. Available at The Shop at LL&A for $67.00.

poodle bookends

These dog beds are the cats meow… We love these from Wayfair and Uttermost.



Available at The Shop at LL&A – the Uttermost Lucky Pet Bed – $490.00

pet bed

Working from home and social distancing is easier with your furry friends by your side. We hope these are helpful tips to use within your special space. Please share your favorite helpful advice for living with your little furry friends with us!

Roxie, this ones for you baby girl!
Roxy Dog


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