A Girls Best Friend…

Diamonds QuoteAfter a day on the job attending to the needs of our daily responsibilities, it’s nice to come home to someone who is anxiously waiting for us. (With tails wagging.)

Meet the “Fur Friends” that make our hearts sing, our constant companions and the ones who love us unconditionally.

Each of these precious pups came into our lives in various ways and have all become the sweetest members of our families. We are excited to share each of them with you and hope you enjoy meeting them. We’d love you to share your furry friends with us too! Tag us on Facebook and Instagram and we’ll share.

Our resident office pooch is Cricket!

Dawns Pup

She is a five year old Shitzu-Maltese mix that loves coming to the office to spend the day. Always on hand to greet each of us as we arrive, she is a sweet addition to our team. Dawn and Cricket enjoy long walks together at Deam Lake near their home. Their favorite time of the day is in the morning, starting with a few moments of quiet time. As Dawn reads, Cricket is cuddled up in her lap being the most precious supportive companion a girl could hope for.


WWDW… aka…

“Whitley’s Weiner Dog Winston”

Whitleys Pup

Actually, there are many aliases Whitley has given him. Crazy Boy, Little Boo and Stinky – to name a few!  Their love affair began on Whitleys second day on the job at LL&A. After appearing on the door step of Tammy’s son Luke’s apartment, he was in need of a home and she was in need of a little 6 lb crazy chunk of love to take care of. It was apparent the two of them were meant to be from that day forward. Two years later, Winston has been Whitleys best friend, confidant and favorite headache all in one.


Who doesn’t love a surprise?!

Laurens Pup

Meet Bella, Lauren’s two year old Italian Mastiff. Bella is a wish come true for sure. Lauren’s husband, Cody surprised her with an early Christmas gift that was completely unexpected. From the moment they met, they were in love!! With her little wrinkled face, she was the biggest puppy Lauren had ever seen. Definitely a daddy’s girl, Bella is happiest romping around the yard, playing in her own pool and sleeping in Mom and Dad’s bed. (when Dad has a weak moment!) Bella has been the sweetest, most loving addition to the Eurton family and the best Christmas surprise ever!


Double Trouble!!

Sarahs Pup

Meet Louis (aka King Louis, head of household) and Lincoln, Sarahs two four-legged “Friendzies”. Louis is a Pomeranian that joined the family seven years ago and Lincoln a German Shepard came along three years ago as a puppy. Although their personalities are quite different, they offer so much entertainment within the household. Louis loves his belly rubs and long walks around St Matthews. Lincoln loves chasing Louis around the house, car rides and sneaking food off dinner plates! Like most Shepards, he is the most intelligent, loyal and protective dog she and her fiancé Matt have ever owned. Her pups offer the magic “pickup” after a day at work and more love and laughs than anyone could ask for.


Best things in life are free…

Tammys Pup

Roxie and Mia Randall certainly appeared at the right place at the right time on their journeys to finding a home. Roxie was hand picked as a puppy from a cardboard box while Mia showed up on the doorstep as a puppy on Thanksgiving Day. These two black lab mix girls live the best of both worlds. From digging holes in the yard and playing chasers outside by day, to sleeping and chilling inside on sofas and beds by night, these soul sisters are living their best life. Unrelated by bloodlines, they are both hormonal, territorial, energetic, wild, affectionate and rambunctious – all bottled up into two furry hairballs.


Cowgirl Up!!

Leslies Pup

After 15 years together, Leslie and Cowgirl are one another’s dearest soulmates. Born the runt of the litter, with one blue eye and one brown, Cowgirl was Leslie’s top choice. Many miles have been covered together between the two of these girlfriends. In fact, after all their time spent together, most would agree, if Cowgirl were human, she would likely be just like Leslie. Like they always say, dogs and owners begin to look alike…big hair, don’t care! Alongside Cowgirl, is 12 year old Auntie Kendall who belongs to Leslie’s mother and step father, Patty and Don McManus. Both are sweet cuddly Shelties, loyal companions to Leslie, Patty and Don and one another’s best friend.

We would love to meet your furry friends!! Take a photo of you and yours and tag us on Facebook and Instagram! Cats count too!

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