8 Things Every Room Needs

This month we wanted to share our top list of items every room cannot live without! Although a room will come in a variety of sizes, shapes and functions, a space can be made better by adding these simple touches.

Books and Magazines

What a terrific way to let your personality shine! Not only for your reading pleasure, but to also express your interests.  By layering cookbooks in your kitchen, Danielle Steele in your bedroom or a collection of magazines that reflect your personality, you will enjoy them each and every time you walk into the room.

Whether you’re a literature buff or not, you’ll have a ball collecting your favorites!

A bookcase craves books, a fun tip is to hit up your local library to browse the shelves in search of just the right color palette or subject matter that suit your taste and interests. If you’re collecting books as space fillers, remember that you can remove the sleeves and display the binding color. Collect color palettes that enhance your room, black, tan and brown are always great stand-in’s, but you can always take a leap by adding sage greens or pale pinks for added fun and style.

Have fun and let your personality shine!

Select a color scheme and buy books within that range.

Greeneries and Flowers

Every room is better with touches of greens and flowers all throughout the year.  Whether you have a green thumb or not, there are options for you. Take a weekly trip to your local market and grab a bouquet of fresh cut flowers and add them to your favorite glass vase!  Have fun arranging them and being creative mixing the varieties you purchase. If you’re up for the challenge, live plants are always a nice addition.

Favorite Tip for live plants: Pot them in all alike containers, example; white, cream, gray or black pots.  Keep the pots neutral so your plant varieties will sparkle.  We also advise to keep your live plants in collections, try layering them on plant shelves.  Have fun being creative.

There are wonderful alternatives for those of us not born with a green thumb!  Permanent foliage in a variety of greenery options or beautiful silk florals are realistic, maintenance free and easy to clean.

Whether you choose to add a permanent Yucca plant in your great room or live herbs in your kitchen, either option will breathe oxygen and life into your home or office.

Candy Dish

Grab your grandmother’s crystal dish or your favorite clay bowl and have a ball filling them with treats for your guests (and yourself)!  Keep it simple with Peppermints, M&M’s, Hershey Kisses or have fun with trips to your favorite candy store for a variety of caramels, chocolates or tarts. Your guests will love the added touch and your family will welcome the treat with each visit. Candy alternative, try some nuts or granola!


Nothing sets a mood quite like the scent of something delicious. Aromas can be acquired in a variety of ways; candles, incense, room fresheners, oils and diffusers can all be tailored to your individual senses. Each scent has its own characteristics, so choosing the one right for you can be fun and challenging.

Whether your taste are citrus, sweet, floral or woodsy, you may discover the scent that suits you will also fit the style of your space. Selecting your signature scent will certainly be a subtle addition to your home or office and guests will associate the aroma with you after each visit.

Window Treatments

We consider a window covering the finishing touch to any room. Window coverings should be tailored to fit the needs of the window and the room that it is within. Some windows may require sunlight control or privacy, try beautiful operable roman shades, screen shades, shutters or wood blinds.

LL&A Interior Design Homearama Office Louisville
Woven roman shades offer a simple privacy solution with added texture.

Each option will provide something unique to the window and fulfill the needs of the space. Drapery panels or valances are the perfect final touch to complete the design of the window and room. Selecting the perfect fabric, style, hardware, and trim are essential to the overall window covering. 

Size matters! Take the time to measure and install correctly to enjoy the treatment for years to come. Invest wisely and consider custom treatments that will be designed with beautiful fabrics, trim and hardware for your room tailored to your specific needs.

The combination of silver metallic wooden poles, crystal finials, beaded trim, button detail, tiebacks and lush fabric produced this stunning custom window treatment scheme in this formal master bedroom.


The use of color can be expressed in a variety of ways. Color has the ability to change our mood and our minds, so we must choose wisely. Choosing your color palette should reflect the overall vibration you are trying to achieve. 

colorful interior design

You can express color in a variety of methods such as paint, fabric, carpets, accessories and artwork, each an avenue of color distribution.  Bold, soft, striking or delicate, color can be your best source of expression. You will have the freedom to do a lot or a little and exercise your personality and style.

Many beautiful spaces have a neutral color scheme that layers white, cream, gray, linen and wheat. By adding greenery, candy, books or magazines you will add that splash of color to attract visual interest that a room needs to deliver character.


Good lighting is essential to any room. Light sources are offered in a variety of options and applications. Recess can lighting with LED bulbs keep things clean and simple and offer overall disbursement of light within a room & can be placed accordingly to suit the room requirements. Overhead lighting such as chandeliers, flush mounts or pendants accomplish a variety of needs while accent lighting offer nuances that will attract the eye towards artwork, bookcases, steps and cabinetry. Lamps are a terrific way to add style and intimacy to a room, choosing lamps with 3-way bulbs give options for the lamp’s usage. Remember, using consistent temperature bulbs is a must in any room and certainly sets the tone of your space!


Every room requires balance. Balance with shapes, scale, color, and texture. Mixing all of these design elements are equal to the success of a space. A room should not feel weighted on one end versus the other or color not distributed evenly. Accessories should be placed with effort and conciseness while artwork should be considered to fit the size of the wall it is being placed on.

Every space has an aura, a mood or a vibe. Have fun connecting to yours by trying some or all of these simple tips. You will appreciate connecting to your space and really making it “feel” the way it looks.

Now dim the lights, open the blinds, grab a Hershey Kiss, read a book and water those flowers, and “Oh Yeah” …turn on some music and dance! Set your Aura!

A Call to Celebrate ALL Mothers

This month we decided to take a detour off of our monthly design blog and pay a special tribute to all beautiful Mothers!!

On Mother’s Day, we sit aside TIME to honor all Mothers, a special day to acknowledge their love and devotion to their children and grandchildren.

Ask any Mother and she will say the most precious gift to receive is TIME. TIME with her family and TIME for herself.  Flowers, jewelry, perfume and handbags are all terrific gifts for any Mom, but TIME is priceless.

We’ve taken some TIME to offer a few creative suggestions to let Mom know just how much she means to you! Suggestions that go beyond one day, ideas that will spark new habits and will continue to give all year round (to both of you)!

Get Physical

Ride bikes together, take a hike, walk in the park or go kayaking. Create the best of TIMES and new healthy habits challenging yourselves with activities that each of you will enjoy. Make a date once a month to connect and plug in to your relationship.


Treat Mom (and yourself) to a new restaurant each month for a year. Have fun trying new cuisine in a variety of environments and locations. You will have a ball sharing memories of the past and planning for the future. Food and drink have a soulful way to connect and celebrate life’s achievements. 

TIME to Make a Reservation!

Learn Something New Together

So fun and so easy — teach your Mom all of the tricks on her i-phone and she can teach you to knit! Enroll in an art or jewelry making class OR think big and take horseback riding lessons. Exploring opportunities and combining your interests will be exciting for both of you and a way to learn something new about one another. TIME after TIME, no matter where you go or what you learn, the companionship you share will be cherished forever.

When one class ends, find another!

Volunteer Together

Combining your interests may be the right outlet for both of you to lend your TIME and talents to. You will find it especially rewarding devoting your energy to a variety of opportunities in your community. Senior citizens, the parks, local animal shelters and youth groups are a few volunteering opportunities that are available within most commonwealths.

TIME to give back!

Write YOUR Family History Book Together

Our Moms and Grandmothers are our very own history teachers. Take TIME researching your family’s history and heritage with the women (and men) in your life. Connect the dots and the years, finding your ancestors and learning where you come from and your DNA. Have fun traveling the world exploring your story! Collect photos, interview family members, research articles, write it down and create your very own family history book to pass down for generations to come.

This is definitely a gift that will give for a lifeTIME.

Hire a Professional Service for Mom

What a treat to have your lawn mowed, house cleaned or car washed on a regular basis! Giving Mom TIME off to do other things she finds enjoyable just makes life easier! Be creative with services that are meaningful to her. Grab her “honey do list” from the fridge, call a handyman service and put a check mark next to everything on her list!

She will appreciate the thoughtfulness and be grateful for the TIME saved.

Have fun crafting plans that are suitable for the lifestyle and relationship for you and your own Mother. We are confident even the simplest gift of your TIME will be appreciated and loved, creating new habits and traditions that will fill the memory bank!

Our office is full of strong nurturing Mothers and devoted daughters, all grateful to the women in our lives.

BRAVO to Patty, Patty, Debbie, Lisa, LaDonna, Jennifer and Tina – The Moms of LL&A, We LOVE You!!

~ No language can express the power, beauty and heroism of a mother’s love.

Buds, Blossoms and Bouquets

Spring is springing upon us and we are ready for some beauty in our communities!

Grass will shortly be turning into thick green carpet spread across our soil, trees will be budding with fluffy leaves and the fragrance of honeysuckle will fill the air.

Ready Or Not, Here It Comes!! (Thankfully)

Undeniably, Mother Nature produces breathtaking varieties of plant life and botanicals. We love to bring the outdoors in with a variety of plants, florals and trees. Adding touches of foliage in any space creates a sense of oxygen and life. However, for those of us who do not have a green thumb attached to our hand, we have the perfect solution.

Permanent arrangements are not only maintenance free, but they are beautiful, colorful, lush and tailored to our individual needs & style. Whether you add a lush tree in a corner, a delicate orchid on a tabletop or a statement wall divider — quality foliage can be just the right finishing touch to complete a space.

Regardless if your style is Coastal, Tropical, Desert or Woodland the varieties are abundant and realistic. Assortments of succulents, orchids, ferns, palm leaf, boxwood, moss and agave are terrific options to consider in your space.

Adding a dash of green completes a space with just the right touch of vine and vegetation. Trust us, you will love the results!

At LL&A, we offer a variety of florals and greenery perfect for any space and season!

Mood Swings

Can you imagine the seven layers of moods under one roof of seven women bonded to Interior Design?

We can!

Driven by a common love of space, color, pattern and light, our group of talent brings something for everyone when it comes to what makes us tick as individuals. Each day we focus on the needs of our clients by creating spaces that reflect their personalities, carefully listening to the clues that will make their surroundings their own.

We were curious—what moves us & what inspires us? Boy oh boy, did we learn a lot about ourselves and each other. What fun we had exploring ourselves, digging deep and uncovering the obvious. In doing so, we discovered our team had more in common than expected, some more than others, but needless to say our personalities did shine!

Our assignment was to create an inspiration or mood board that would reflect where we are likely to draw upon for sources of imagination and creativity. Fun, fun, fun! 

We are excited to share our Mood Boards with you—do YOU think they match our personalities?


Warm, earthy, sophisticated and fun all best describe my personal style. I am inspired by comforting spaces, rich with texture & pops of pattern. Art, fashion, makeup and architecture are also areas that I gain momentum in creativity. I love the contrast between dark vs light, organic vs geometric, and old vs new. Converging these elements helps me to create aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces.


I am inspired by natural elements such as the beach and flowers, accents of soft but impactful colors, a touch of glam and an assortment of soft elements to sweeten the space. I favor gold accents over silver, black or bronze. Most of my design personality was founded during my travels abroad, my favorite places were always on or near the ocean or sea with the beautiful colors of the water. Soft whites and pinks of London, the blues of Greece and the florals of Italy were truly inspiring to me and I hope to carry these elements throughout my design career.


I have always been a girly girl. As a sophomore in college, I began watching classic films and discovered I am obsessed with Parisian fashion, architecture and lifestyle. I draw much of my inspiration from the Rococo period and am drawn to organic shapes and patterns. The details are everything, honey! Oh, and I like the color pink just a bit.


Timeless patterns, materials and bold modern accents integrated together are combinations I love! I am inspired by the colors of nature, the variety of elements it offers, and the ever changing light throughout each day and the mood it brings. I’m drawn to “bringing the outside in” and using natural materials, finishes, and textures in a modern application. Sleek, timeless, bold, earthy and moody spaces are what I am most drawn to.


Neutrals, clean lines, modern country and Scandi rustic best describe my personal style. Most of my inspiration comes from nature and the outdoors. I am drawn to organic finishes & textures and consider myself a minimalist. Balancing new, repurposed or vintage pieces will always attract my attention.


Mother nature is my largest source of inspiration. Earth, Wind & Fire. I love opposites, my favorite view is the skyline touching the treetops or mountain range, where the earth meets the sky. Plants, water, soil, stones, wood and metal all work in tandem effortlessly to produce peaceful and tranquil spaces. I am a maximalist, meaning I love things, many things, having them around me brings me a source of contentment. I have to admit, I have a soft spot for pottery, baskets, stones and incense!


Just as the river meets the ocean, design to me is the seamless flow, harmony and rhythm of each of these elements merging together in a wonderful way.  What I love and draw my largest source of inspiration from is natural light and happy spaces. Creating spaces that are welcoming, comfortable, timeless, simple yet sophisticated bring me joy and fulfillment.  I am drawn to texture, animal print accents, navy, salmon and moss green. Completing a room with fresh cut flowers and the touch of sparkle from cut crystal adds just the right finishing touch for me.

We had a blast creating our Mood Boards and most of us realized that we could create more than one!

So… for fun, we decided to create a mash up of our personalities and watch the mood swing to a whole new set of emotions! Are you ready?!

Riding pink horses to the beach, wearing brown clogs and halos made of flowers or riding vintage bicycles through the woods with our eyes painted green would suit each of us all too well! See, we told you we were more alike than not!

On the corner where hip meets happy, we are a melting pot of personalities inspired by all that is beautiful in this world.

What Are You In The MOOD For? We invite you to create your own mood board for fun. Create one for yourself, your spouse or friend and share them with us on Facebook or Instagram!

Here We Go. Onward & Upward!

Well, Well, Well 2020WON…

We are so delighted to meet you! You have been a long awaited dream and are finally here to wake us up and WIN us over! You are breathe of fresh air, the light at the end of the tunnel and the start of a new beginning – how exciting for us ALL!  We cannot wait to get this party started and let you take us onward and upward! Together.

We all know this past year presented various trials and tribulations that will mostly remain unsaid (we are all aware). However, it also graced us with laughter, family time, opportunities to reflect & think forward, be considerate, create new habits and just be HOME. We’ve all found our own silver lining to each of our stories and found ways to look on the brighter side.

At LL&A we certainly had our share of experiences as individuals and also as A-Team (no pun intended, well maybe just a little pun).

Like most of you, we were challenged daily with new formats of meeting our clients (HELLO ZOOM), working from home, social distancing and keeping our eyeglasses from fogging up!

Oh Yeah… AND quarantine! From illness to family matters, we had equal amounts of fun, love and blessings.

During 2020, we were excited to attend the Las Vegas Market in January, participate in the very FIRST Virtual Homearama in July, complete various residential renovations and commercial projects (all of which we are very grateful), participated in the annual JeffMainStreet Holiday Open House, Small Business Saturday, AND expanded our team members by adding three new interior designers and one tiny new addition.

Now Introducing:

Shelby Sills, 2020 University of Louisville Graduate (our very own self described “extra”, queen of the selfie).

Mallory O’Brien,  2020 Indiana University Graduate (sweet and silent but packs a dry wit we all love).

Katie Bryant, 2020 University of Louisville Graduate (resident fashionista and the only one of us that can rock suspenders and white go-go boots).

Weston Eurton, 2020 May Addition (our cutest, wildest future delivery boy).

We thank each of them for joining our team and to Lauren for delivering such a sweet little tot to the team, just like icing on cake! There were so many positive vibes, personalities, loves and friendships formed in 2020 and we are thrilled!

Looking to 2020WON

We will be exploring endless possibilities to create mindful, innovative, functional & beautiful spaces for each of our clients. Since the new year has rolled in, we’ve started fresh and eager to step up our game, learn something new, teach something positive, mentor, lead, follow, set examples and be good people.

The 2020WON Blog promises to deliver the newest in design products, inspiration, instructional tips and more.

Starting with the 2020WON Pantone color of the year! We love the contrast and story behind the decision to release two colors this year, how appropriate!

Meet Pantone colors of the year for 2021: PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating.

Our attitude is gratitude and we are deeply thankful to our clients, families, industry associates and supporters for enabling us to do what we all love.

Let’s take the best and leave the rest!

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, have you wondered where we are?

Here we are!! Our blog is alive & well, surviving and thriving through this blissful Holiday Season.

Yes, Tis the Season to be Jolly and we here at LL&A are certainly ready to enjoy this time with our families! We are spreading the joy and are excited to share some terrific gift ideas for your list of Nice and Naughty’s. Whether you are busy online shopping over the world wide web (Hello Amazon, we all love seeing those blue vans pull up to the door to drop off all the goodies we forgot we ordered!!) or venturing out into the stores masked up to find the perfect gifts for all your favorite people, now is the time to get started finding the perfect gifts.

The Shop at LL&A is open for business and we welcome you to come in and find the perfect something for the special someone. From jewelry, scarfs and home accessories to candles or holiday gifts – we have a great assortment to select from.

Try one of these sweet Holiday ideas…

Wine Toppers

Nothing says “celebrate” better than a bottle of wine. Cap your favorite bottle off with one of these adorable felt wine toppers in assorted styles. Quick & easy and a sure hit with the receiver! Price: $9 – $16 each.

Recycled Beer Bottle Candles

Line them up 1,2,3 and bam! Instant cuteness! These are perfect for the beer connoisseur on your list that appreciates a nod to their brew! Cheers! Price: $9 each & includes matches.

Holiday Candles

The sweet smell of the Holidays, who does not love it! The gift that keeps on giving through the season! Price: $16 each

Holiday Pet Pics

HoHoHo, these precious pooch pics are the perfect delight for the pet lover on your list. Price: $32 each

Apricot Hand Sanitizer

This little product is all the rage! Nothing says “I love you” like a sweet bottle of hand sanitizer these days. Perfect little 2020 stocking stuffer. Price: $7 each

Vintage Reindeer

We love these funky and colorful reindeer, perfect for table top or a mantle! What a fun color scheme to trim your tree in bright pink, green, yellow and orange! Falalalala Lalalala… Price: $67 each

Metal Deer Wine Cooler

Try one of these wine chillers to cool down that favorite bottle of wine, so cute! Price: $34

Fur Pillows

Cozy up next to the fireplace with one or both of these chic furry pillows! Buy them for yourself and enjoy them all season long. Even Santa would want to rest his feet on top of one of these stylish down filled pillows!

Grey Fur Pillow: $120 & Red Fur Pillow: $125

Burgundy with Embroidered Trim Pillow: $99

For the person who has it all, try one of our Design Consultation gift certificates, valued at $250.00 or a gift card of an amount of your choice to be used towards any product of choice. We have something for everyone and every home at LL&A!

Stop in The Shop and enjoy 30% off all merchandise through Christmas day. We are offering curbside pick up and free gift wrapping for any gift purchased too!

Local shopping made easy! Thanks for shopping small this holiday season.

Homearama 2020 Goes Virtual

For the first time, the annual Homearama is virtual and we’re excited to be part of the very first virtual 3D tour!

LL&A has once again partnered with Dan Perkins of Mason Construction & Development to create this unique home in Norton Commons. This home was special in the fact that we worked alongside the homeowner to create their dream home! We’re grateful to Cherry House Furniture who provided all of the luxurious furnishings & accessories and to Anabel’s Oriental Rugs for her contribution of gorgeous rugs throughout the home. Thank you to all involved – it takes a team to create a successful Homearama home and we’re excited to work with this incredible team!

Take the virtual tour and give us your feedback! Our team will definitely miss hearing & seeing everyone’s reaction when they first walk in to tour Homearama.

Tour our Home 4 – Southern Comfort: https://www.homearama.com/

What Happens When Art Of Food and Design Collide?


Our design team is blessed with the opportunities to collaborate with new and innovative entrepreneurs and businesses. The partnership we have formed with Zack Flanagan and Sean Lara of Board and You Custom Charcuterie is one we are exceptionally proud of. They are THE local charcuterie artists and share our love of spreading beauty in the community.

Board and You, proudly located in the heart of historic downtown New Albany, is a one year old custom charcuterie company. Since opening, they’ve been the talk-of-the-town and their immediate success has allowed them to expand their business. We were thrilled to have been the chosen interior design firm to bring Zack and Sean’s vision to life for the Bistro & You Bistro & Wine Bar! It was apparent from the beginning of our relationship that the two worlds of art of food and design were blending together effortlessly. Check out our design boards for the new Bistro…

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 11.31.55 AM

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 11.32.15 AM


A custom crafted Board & You board elevates your gathering experience, much like interior design. The variety of quality meats, cheeses, fruits and garnishes elegantly curated across a board or gathering table, invites folks around the table to graze, drink and be social. It’s similar in the way a carefully designed room promotes rest, relaxation or any level of energy the space is being used for.

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 10.44.55 AM

Boards may be customized to fit the needs of your occasion and size. Seasonal boards and grazing tables are available, each beautifully displayed and packaged raising your taste bud’s awareness! The service is impeccable and delivered with a huge smile.

The connection between food and art has a long tradition. Color, texture, shape and pattern are all elements of both art and food that create a visual appetite for all our senses. Layering these pieces together in food or design produces an artistic display of food or finishes.

We loved the opportunity to combine our efforts of design with the talents of Sean and Zack. Working with them was fun, creative, and rewarding. It was a such pleasure to be a part of making their dream come true!

How to Live in a Dog or Cat House

We may be social distancing from our peeps, but not our pets. So how do we live happily in a Dog (or cat) House…?!

Doggo on Couch

From felines to fido’s, many of us have found that our homes have turned into palaces for our four-legged family members. Sharing a space with fur balls, feed bowls, play toys, litter boxes and pet beds can be quite a challenge. While we all love our furry roommates – keeping our homes in tip top shape may prove difficult at times. We all want our homes to look its best and perform even better.

We’d love to share some of our tricks and favorite pet related must haves to coexist with our little beasts. Here are a few kibbles & bits of advice from a design team who can speak from experience. Each one of us have our very our hairballs at home.

How do we choose the right fabric for seating?

pets and kid on sofa

Whether or not we permit our pets on the furniture, their fur has a mind of its own. When selecting the best fabric for sofas and chairs, look for crypton or performance fabrics. These fabrics will be soil and stain resistant, moisture resistant, bacteria resistant, durable and easy to clean. The good news is residential upholstery manufacturers have introduced these fabrics into their selections with children and pets in mind. These woven fabrics are offered in a wide variety of colors and textures.

Fabric Sample


Vinyl offers a wide variety of smooth sleek colors and textures as well as faux leather options and animal skin patterns. They are affordable, easy to clean & maintain and are perfect for benches & seat covers.



Leather comes with a few things to take into consideration. We recommend doing your homework before making the final decision if leather is right for you. Leather is a very durable cover and is inherently a thicker material. However, consider your look and what you’re able to tolerate when it comes to the distressed look. Full Aniline leathers are more prone to scratch and show moisture and claw markings. Semi Aniline is a leather with a protective finish and are tough, but beware of large breed dogs – scratches will be more permanent. We will always advise our clients to consider all benefits and risks before making the final decision of using leather.


Microsuede is soft to touch, wear resistant, easy to care for and inexpensive. The surface has the feel and touch of suede without the maintenance.

Choosing the Perfect Rug!

Choosing an area rug can be challenging enough and finding one to stand up to the demands of our pets can be overwhelming. Here are our recommendations to finding the right one for you.

pet friendly rugs


Save the jute rugs for for another day… jute rugs soil easily, are difficult to clean, absorb moisture and may pull with toenails. Although we love a great jute rug, they are not the best choice if you have pets.

Polypropylene or Nylon

Polypropylene or nylon rugs are budget friendly and available in a huge assortment of patterns, styles and sizes. They are easily cleaned and vacuum well. Once it’s worn out, you can replace it easily without the guilt. They come in very handy when training a new puppy or caring for an aging companion when you still want style and your pooch!


Wool rugs will wear well and stand the test of time. If you do not mind investing more on the front end, wool rugs will clean well, show less wear in years to come and be an investment. We always consider all the facts before making the final decision of a wool rug.

surya rugs


Love them, just not for pets. Shag rugs are hair collectors and impossible to clean. Plus you can only imagine what is hiding inside all those fibers!

Hidden Treasure.

Hide rugs! We love them – durable and stylish all in one. They’re available in a variety of colors, shapes and patterns. Hide rugs are easy to clean – simply vacuum or shake! They are moisture resistant and you can use mild cleansers on them as needed.

Cowhide Office

DIY Pet Odor Remover

Our favorite DIY pet odor remover
  • 300ml hydrogen peroxide
  • 4 tablespoons baking soda
  • 3 drops of dish detergent
  • Several drops of your favorite essential oil, eucalyptus, lavender, etc
  • Put it in a cute spray bottle and BOOM, you are in business!
  • Pour hydrogen peroxide in bowl
  • Add baking soda and dish detergent
  • Stir mixture
  • Add oils
  • Pour slowly into spray bottle, baking soda may foam.

Best Investment for Pet Lovers!

Cordless, rechargeable lightweight vacuums – Dyson, Hoover, Shark! You cannot go wrong. They’re fast, easy and convenient. Perfect for hardwood, tile, laminate or carpet.

Perfect Carpet Pad

Stainmaster Pet Protect reduces pet odors and is designed for pets and people. This product provides a breathable moisture barrier that helps prevent spills and accidents from penetrating through the padding to the subfloor.

Stainmaster Pet Protect

Check out all of these adorable pet accessories we love!

First up – Who can resist these sweet bowls for your favorite little ones from Muttropolis.




How about these perfect paper towel holders with style from Kalalou.  Available at The Shop at LL&A – Kalalou Cast Iron cat paper towel holder – $52.00

Kalalou Cat Towel Holder

We cannot get enough of these cute mini dog and cat canvas prints from GreenBox Art, available in an assortment of dog and cat breeds! Perfect to hang on the wall or sit on a bookshelf! The GreenBox mini dog/cat prints start at $32.00 each. Let LL&A order yours today! Call us for details.

Grab a dog or cat treat from one of these sweet colorful jars from Imax Corp! Both are available at The Shop at LL&A – Handpainted Dog treat Canister is $36.00 and the Orange Cat Treat Canister is $29.00!

cat treat canisters

These poodle bookends were a fun addition to any bookshelf. Available at The Shop at LL&A for $67.00.

poodle bookends

These dog beds are the cats meow… We love these from Wayfair and Uttermost.



Available at The Shop at LL&A – the Uttermost Lucky Pet Bed – $490.00

pet bed

Working from home and social distancing is easier with your furry friends by your side. We hope these are helpful tips to use within your special space. Please share your favorite helpful advice for living with your little furry friends with us!

Roxie, this ones for you baby girl!
Roxy Dog


Whose Got The Fever…We Got The Fever.

Spring Fever that is…

As we all are nesting within our homes with our families, finding things to keep us occupied beyond work requirements, kids, cleaning and organizing – all may be exhausting. After the “work” is done and school work is completed, why not put some energy into your safe haven and make it the best it can be?

We love to “cough” up great ideas, suggestions, favorite finds and where to get it, quick, easy and to your doorstep!

During these days of working from home and finding ways to relax and stay calm, read our tips to guide you through the days to come that will simply take your “breath” away.

Creating a beautiful home office


A home office is all about the desk, giving yourself a comfortable place to spread out and sit is where it’s at! This timeless wood desk and chair from Universal compliments the soft robins egg blue on the paneled walls making for a relaxing, but exclusive combination. We love pairing a bold accent area rug over hardwood floors. Rugs add personality, zest, a foundation and comfort all rolled into one. We cannot forget our guests, our little visitors that may drop in for a meeting to discuss a math problem they are having difficulties with while out of school. These whimsical hooded chairs were the perfect touch for this office, and the accessories add the finishing touch to personalize your space to make it all your own.

Tips for your very own…

Office Space:

We love this transitional Bodrum rug from Surya. It’s bold crisp color palette can be finished and styled to suit any taste.

This saddle color leather chair from West Elm can be a perfect addition to any home office. Imagine the convenience of having it shipped directly to your doorstep.


We love the details of this home office. Here are the design details featuring a few of our favorite vendors:

LL&A Blog OFFICE 3-20
Drapes: Cloud 9 Linen Stationary Panels, Fur stools: Uttermost, Desk, desk chair and chest: Gabby, Zebra hide: BS Trading Company

Bedroom Bliss

Now is the time to refresh and renew our bedrooms! Start with fresh linens as an easy and inexpensive way to calm the senses. Nothing feels better than fresh bedding and pillows.

It’s all about piling on the layers for that “sink into feel” and we adore the options this ensemble provides with so many pieces to change things up year round. A charcoal quilt, layered with a cotton blend coverlet, accented with ivory pom poms and topped with a fluffy linen duvet is a great combination. The pillows are simply divine, soft and luxurious, down filled with a tapestry lumbar pillow for an extra dose of zing.

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Bedding pompom coverlet and shams: Amity Home, Duvet and Shams: Villa Home, Lumbar Pillow: Cloud 9, Drapery Panels: Cloud 9 Zebra Stools: GoHome


Don’t forget the sheets, we love Targets Fieldcrest 700 count Supima sheet sets, soft, deep set and affordable.

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Nothing feels better at the end of the day than returning to a soft, neat, tidy comfortable bed!

Remember these six reasons to make your bed every day:

  • Feeling of accomplishment
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Develops good habits
  • Cleaner appearance
  • Creating a retreat

Add a fresh coat of paint and TaDa you are done! Clean and fresh – what more can you want!? Grab a brush and a paint can and get it done, or better yet, hire a painter and keep America working!

Relaxation Station

Favorite tip to get through the next several weeks, create a “relaxation station”. Maybe it is in the corner of a room or in an extra space that has no purpose.

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Order a yoga mat, try this Premium Cork Yoga Mat from Vivre Active Wear. Being a naturally hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial material, cork serves as a great complement to your yoga practice.

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Fire up a stick of incense scented to your senses, try Target’s Incense Burner Set available in three scents.

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Sooth the senses by dabbing on a few essential oils. Try lavender to relieve stress, sandlewood to calm nerves or peppermint to boost your energy! Add in your favorite music, book or puzzle and let the good times roll or just relax and meditate. Namaste…

If you are you still confused and uncertain how to make your space all you want it to be? Where to start, where to look, what to buy? No worries, we have a solution!

Online Design

Online design is just for you. Let one of our professional designers design the room of your dreams, sent directly to your home for you to install.

Online Design graphic

Space Plan

LL&A Virtual Rendering

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It starts with a phone evaluation, then digital concept boards, client approval, a shopping list and ends with the items ordered by you and delivered to your doorstep. Custom design made simple, just for you, to your door.

It’s as simple as 1.2.3!

Simply email sarah@leslielewisdesign.com for further details.

Please Practice Self-care

Lets all use this time to make a better version of ourselves, create healthy minds and bodies and include each of our family members in our practices. Read, educate, exercise, eat well, play, stretch, meditate, be grateful, be kind, patient, rest and pray.


PS – Stay tuned for our October Blog when we share our favorite nursery tips and ideas!


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