It’s time to FALL into cozy pillows & bedding!

You have to admit it, nothing says snuggle more than a great pillow or two or three or… (well you get the idea) and lush cozy bedding. We love pillows, blankets, throws and quilts. The trick is layering all of your favorites together to create a look all your own!

Throw them, layer them, toss them wherever your heart desires.

Tips to consider for creating the perfect cozy Fall bed of your dreams.

1.  Layering will add options by combining a variety of textures and patterns. Consider mixing any combination of pillows, quilts, blankets, duvet covers, throws and luxurious sheets.

Love the layers.

  2.  Euro and pillow shams sized correctly to your bed.  Remember, 3 euro shams for a king bed and 2 euro shams for a queen. Use 2 king size pillow shams for a king bed and 2 queen pillows for a queen bed. Sounds simple, but the wrong size pillows are like wearing the wrong size shoes!

  3.  Down filled or down alternative pillows offer comfort and organic shape.

  4.  Don’t be afraid to mix it up with knits, fur, velvets, and linens for a lush look all your own.

We cannot get enough of the combination of velvet, linen and imitation alpaca fur – such a statement.

  5.  Stick with the basics year round with neutral quilts, shams or duvets and add in a variety of accent pillows, throws and blankets if you change seasonally. This will afford you the flexibility to be creative by changing it up now and then. However, don’t be afraid to commit to a look, if you love it, it will be yours for many seasons to come.

Layers of cotton, linen, tassels, quilt, duvet and velvet.

  6.  Mix your basics seasonally by switching around the placement of your quilt versus the duvet, try flipping the quilt to the foot of the bed on top of the duvet instead of the quilt under a duvet.

  7.  Have fun playing with accent pillows by trying a variety of sizes, shapes, color and patterns. We love 20” x 20” square pillows mixed with overscale lumbar pillows and pillow shams. Whether your style is clean and structured or soft and romantic, you will have so much fun choosing what is just right for you.

  8.  Please, please, please measure your mattress sets on your bed before purchasing your bedding, not all bedding is created equally in size and you may need to consider sizing up. A box spring that shows on the sides is like a slip showing from under a beautiful dress, it just kills the look.

Beautifully fresh and tailored.

  9. Remember, our beds are where we begin and end each and every day. Make your bed every morning, it will be your first accomplishment of the day and welcome you home in the evening to another restful, peaceful sleep.

Take time to create a bed especially for you, we promise, you won’t regret the time and energy you will take making it your very own. 

PS – don’t forget the bench at the foot of the bed to rest your bedding on while you sleep. It keeps everything up off of the floor and is an added bonus seat in the bedroom.

Ideas to “SPICE” any chair, bench, sofa or bed with just the right accent pillows.

1.  What’s your style? Is it, Bohemian, coastal, modern, farmhouse, shabby chic or industrial?? Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles, it will add fun and energy to your space by combining a dab of boho with a tad of shabby!

  2.  Toss pillows loosely or stack them neatly, style them in a way that suits your lifestyle.

Casually tossed.

  3.  Down filled or down alternative is the only way to go. Sorry Poly (polyester fill), you are hard and spongy and we want fluffy and soft.

  4.  Embellish with tassels, cording, gimp, accent tape and gems. We promise, you will not regret these little boosts of character.

  5.  Be fearless by mixing a variety of textiles, imitation fur, knits and leather; it will not disappoint!

Leather and imitation fur are the perfect companions.
A mixture of pattern, shapes, texture and sequins for a touch of glam.

  6.  Lumbars, oh, how we love you! Simple yet packs a punch, think big for a huge statement.

  7.  Mix sizes together and always keep proper scale in mind to the furniture you are adding the pillow to. Are they too large, too small or just right?!

  8.  Balance your pillows, they all do not need to match but, everything should balance evenly.

Soft and balanced.

  9. Have fun and take risks! What do you have to lose?

If finding the perfect pillow proves challenging, custom made pillows with the right fabric and embellishment can be that one-of-a-kind addition that your room needs! We offer custom made pillows with the largest selection of fabric options in Southern Indiana, call us!

We love textiles! They are the perfect resource of materials that provide unique combinations with endless possibilities.

We hope you enjoyed these tips! Take them and send us photos of your latest masterpiece, we would love to see your style!

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