What Happens When Art Of Food and Design Collide?


Our design team is blessed with the opportunities to collaborate with new and innovative entrepreneurs and businesses. The partnership we have formed with Zack Flanagan and Sean Lara of Board and You Custom Charcuterie is one we are exceptionally proud of. They are THE local charcuterie artists and share our love of spreading beauty in the community.

Board and You, proudly located in the heart of historic downtown New Albany, is a one year old custom charcuterie company. Since opening, they’ve been the talk-of-the-town and their immediate success has allowed them to expand their business. We were thrilled to have been the chosen interior design firm to bring Zack and Sean’s vision to life for the Bistro & You Bistro & Wine Bar! It was apparent from the beginning of our relationship that the two worlds of art of food and design were blending together effortlessly. Check out our design boards for the new Bistro…

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 11.31.55 AM

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 11.32.15 AM


A custom crafted Board & You board elevates your gathering experience, much like interior design. The variety of quality meats, cheeses, fruits and garnishes elegantly curated across a board or gathering table, invites folks around the table to graze, drink and be social. It’s similar in the way a carefully designed room promotes rest, relaxation or any level of energy the space is being used for.

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 10.44.55 AM

Boards may be customized to fit the needs of your occasion and size. Seasonal boards and grazing tables are available, each beautifully displayed and packaged raising your taste bud’s awareness! The service is impeccable and delivered with a huge smile.

The connection between food and art has a long tradition. Color, texture, shape and pattern are all elements of both art and food that create a visual appetite for all our senses. Layering these pieces together in food or design produces an artistic display of food or finishes.

We loved the opportunity to combine our efforts of design with the talents of Sean and Zack. Working with them was fun, creative, and rewarding. It was a such pleasure to be a part of making their dream come true!

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